The 2015 NBA Preseason has come to an end, and the Houston Rockets are showings signs of promise for the 2015-2016 season. The most promise comes their advancement into the Western Conference Finals last season. The Rocket’s roster is laden with veteran players who are looking for a championship title, including last season’s MVP runner-up James Harden, Jason Terry, and Dwight Howard.
Since last season, they added point-guard Ty Lawson to the team. The Rockets are trying to build a comfortable rapport with him, especially with James Harden and Patrick Beverly. The team has started playing all three together, they tried some new offensive sets against the Spurs which didn’t pan out well. In Lawson’s words, “We got to re-tune a couple of things, probably run our plays a little bit harder and a couple of things and put some more effort into it.”
While they work on strengthening their plays, the team also needs to take care of themselves physically. The Rockets’ preseason has been littered with various injuries down the roster, including Terrence Jones’ hurt ribs and concussion, Marcus Thorton’s eye, and James Harden’s knee. Ty Lawson was forced to sit out the second half of the past Friday’s game due to some back tightness. The team has also been missing their forward Donatas Motiejunas for all of preseason, as he takes time to recover from a back surgery. Lawson is apprehensive about pushing too hard, “I didn’t want to really risk it right now and do something worse to it. Just get a little bit of treatment and I should be good to go.” While the team is struggling without these players, giving them time to recovery could pay off well in the end.