baseball-field-828713_1920 Baseball has long been considered America’s pastime. Over the years, attending baseball games has brought families and friends together. That being said, there are a few people, players and fans alike, who believe that baseball needs to have “more personality”. One person who recently revealed that he subscribes to this point of view is Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros.

Correa wrote a heartfelt first-person piece on the matter for, and he certainly didn’t hold back. This piece, written on April 4th, 2016 was entitled “Baseball Is Not Dying”. In the piece, Carlos Correa states that the sport is “stuck in the past”. Correa states that when baseball began, there was a set of unwritten rules that players were expected to follow. He feels that now, however, these rules have taking a negative toll on the sport. He argues that most the best athletes in the sports bring a unique passion and creativity to the sport, and that these qualities are being squelched by rules that were unofficially set up in the past. Carlos Correa goes on to say that within the sport of baseball, there is a desire to stick with the traditions of the past for fear of the game losing its old charm. However, he feels that the game cannot progress forward without change.

This opinion is largely what lead Carlos Correa to sign with Adidas, as he clarifies in this personal essay. He felt that by doing so he would be able to shape the future of baseball. In addition, Correa says that style is extremely important to him, arming him with confidence as he steps onto the field. He believes that baseball brands can take their part in creating change. Cleats, uniforms and accessories have gone unchanged for years, but Correa believes that there should be fewer restrictions on clothing. He also thinks that footwear could become an important aspect of the game, exciting the fans just as it does in basketball or football.

Before signing with Adidas, Correa had previously signed with Nike. Correa wrote that he chose Adidas because this company does things a different way. They aren’t afraid to present an innovative way of thinking about baseball, and clearly Correa is not either. He wants to see baseball become a combination of performance and style. He loves seeing athletes in other sports show their enthusiasm on the field, court, or in other sporting locales. He hopes that he can bring back the passion and camaraderie that made him fall in love with baseball in the first place.

Correa added later that he has the utmost respect for the past generations who have made key contributions to the game. He does, however, believe that the younger generation has the opportunity to add their own style to the sport and bring it to a new level of popularity. For Correa, this initiative is largely about inspiring future generations to know that they can move the sport forward, just as Carlos hopes to do today.